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We don't maintain a printed catalog, but you can view an electronic version with summary descriptions (sell sheets) for each of our titles. Detailed descriptions are also available via our Titles page.

To download, or view the sell sheet in your browser, click on the link for that title. Note 1: A Sell Sheet's file size can be up to one Meg. Note 2: If you prefer to download the file to your hard disk, hold down the command (or control) key when you click the link and select a location to save the file. Note 3: The files are in Adobe PDF format. If you need the free Adobe Reader, go to to obtain a copy.

We are in the process of adding sell sheets for all of our titles. Below are links to those that are currently available:

ISBN 9780977042999 Misfortunes of Wealth

ISBN 9780977042982 Lucky Eddie

ISBN 9780977042975 The Names of Pittsburgh

ISBN 9780977042920 The Bridges of Pittsburgh

ISBN 9780974471532 His Cross Never Burns

ISBN 9780971183599 Allen H. Eaton

ISBN 9780971183582 The Great Saint Patrick's Day Flood

ISBN 9780971183544 The Search For Peter Hunt

ISBN 9780974471556 New World Waiting

ISBN 9780971183575 Pittsburgh: A Place In Time

ISBN 9780971183513 The Road Taken

ISBN 9780977042937 The Stone House Diaries

ISBN 9780971183537 Tyrconnel

ISBN 9780974471501 The Pittsburgh That Stays Within You

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